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February 13, 2010

Some example of good army depot jobs Richmond ky is listed below.

Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) Equipment

Blue Grass Army Depot, 431 Battlefield Memorial Highway, Richmond, Ky. 40475

Summary: To supply essential equipment to the Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) that will help it keep pace with the requirements for the safe and effective handling of modern munitions while creating and maintaining jobs in Madison County (this type of army depot jobs in Richmond ky is great for the local economy). This project will benefit the Department of Defense (DOD) by providing BGAD with the equipment necessary to become a Center of Industrial and Technical.

Regardless of what job you are applying among the army depot jobs in Richmond KY, you will have to go through a digital submission system. Even if your resume is a printed hard copy, it will be scanned and usually placed in some database. The army recruiter will use keywords to search for appropriate resumes. This site will greatly help you understand the keyword concept when you apply for army depot jobs Richmond KY.

Beyond this, the recent acceptance of Richmond army depot as a master member of KY Environmental leadership program will open new jobs. Army depot jobs Richmond KY will help the local community greatly. Please read news below.

RICHMOND, Ky. (May 2, 2007) – Blue Grass Army Depot has been accepted as a Master member of KY EXCEL, the environmental leadership program of the Department for Environmental Protection.

As a Master member, Blue Grass Army Depot had to demonstrate comprehensive environmental management planning, submit to an independent third-party assessment of the facility’s compliance and commit to and report on at least four voluntary projects that benefit Kentucky’s environment.

Located near Richmond, the Blue Grass Army Depot is a chemical weapon and standard munitions storage facility, operated by the U.S. Army. The depot’s mission is to provide munitions, chemical defense equipment and special operations support to the Department of Defense. That is why one example listed above realted to the army depot jobs richmond ky

Blue Grass Army Depot’s four voluntary environmental projects included a commitment to implement and conform to an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System by Sept. 29, 2009. The system will help the facility plan, manage and evaluate its environmental processes and improve its performance.

The facility also is conducting a reforestation project to widen the riparian zone along Muddy Creek and other tributaries. And it made a commitment to recycling by purchasing, setting up and operating a Teemark aerosol can crusher with charcoal collection and filtration.

The fourth project is a commitment to implement Lean Six Sigma, a management tool to improve decision making and process quality as the depot implements its environmental responsibilities associated with the management of its munitions.

“The decision to pursue Master member status was easy,” said Col. Rick Mason, commander of the Blue Grass Army Depot. “This is a natural part of the Blue Grass Army Depot continuous improvement process that entwines environment, Lean Six Sigma, OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program and ISO 9001. The Blue Grass Army Depot is a unique facility with operations that lend themselves to unique solutions. We hope that these solutions complement the commonwealth’s environmental efforts.”

“The Department for Environmental Protection is pleased to welcome the Blue Grass Army Depot into KY EXCEL as a partner that recognizes the importance of Kentucky’s environment,” said Aaron Keatley, director of the Division of Compliance Assistance in the Department for Environmental Protection. “We look forward to seeing the benefits that will result from these conservation, recycling and management efforts.”

KY EXCEL was launched in 2006 by the Department for Environmental Protection to encourage and recognize voluntary efforts that improve Kentucky’s environment. Any individual, business or organization interested in learning more about KY EXCEL can obtain information online at or by calling the Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance at 800-928-8111.

AS you look through these sites, make sure when you finally apply for army depot jobs richmond ky, you do a keywords check in your resume.

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