Jobs – Beauty – Good Looking Women Less Likely to get Job Interviews

December 18, 2010

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As social media proliferates into the Job market employers are able to see not only the social profile of the candidate but also their looks. How does looks impact your chances of getting a job.

According to a study by Bradley J. Ru e (Ben-Gurion University) and Ze’ev Shtudiner (Ariel University Center), beauty does matter in how people are called for interviews. Good looking men have a higher chance of getting called to an interview where as good looking women have just the opposite effect. They are eliminated much more during the pre-interview process. (Contact us for details of the study). In total 5,312 résumés to more than 2,600 employers who had advertised job openings.

One interesting fact was that in most of the firms in the study the first screening of the resume were done by staff members who were typically women between the ages of 23 to 34 years old, and mostly single. It was also learned from this study that when good looking men send their photos along with the resume, it showed confidence. When beautiful women did the same, it was perceived as them trying to flaunt their beauty.

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