Hidden Job Markets

December 20, 2010

Hidden Jobs Market

Hiddden jobs Market is accessed by not keeping your job search a secret!
List of people you can tell about your job search and let them know what kind of work you’re looking for.

Relatives Friends Neighbors
Parents of your friends Former employers Former co-workers
Former teachers Former classmates Former Neighbors
Members of your church Members of your clubs Services providers you use
People you play sports with People you see at the coffee shop Your Mentor
Mail carrier Grocery store clerk Bank teller
Gas station attendants Coaches Bus driver
    • What are the company’s strengths and weaknesses compared to its competition?
    • How important does upper management consider the function of the department and position you are applying for?
    • What computer equipment and software do they use?
    • What is their idea of an ideal employee? What type of person succeeds in this company?
    • Are they financially solvent? (Are they going to tank?)
    • What is the organizational structure of the company?
    • Who is going to review your performance and what do they consider good performance? How often is your performance reviewed?
    • What would a typical day look like doing this job?
    • What are the most difficult parts of the job?
    • What is most important thing to know about the company as a new employee?
    • Dress like you’re going to an interview. You might just get one.
    • Be ready to fill out an application. Have your basic info with you.
    • Show up like you’re having a great day. Be respectful of everyone there.
    • Always speak of what you have to offer them. Jobs are not based on need.
    • Sometimes employers are surprisingly fast. You could show up and they ask when you can start. This is when you want to be ready with some questions of your own such as:
      • How many hours are you expected to work each week? What will your schedule be?
      • Who will you be working with and reporting to?
      • What kind of work will you be doing?
      • What will you be expected to know when you start?
      • What is the pay?
    • It’s best to have some kind of a resume ready so they can see, at a glance, your skills and how to contact you.
    • If this is a place where you think you could really fit in and contribute then be gently persistent. Ask when a good time would be to check in and then make absolutely sure you check back.
    • Send a Thank You note even if they just answer a few questions. When you call or visit again chances are they’ll remember you more favorably.
  • Find Hidden Jobs market through Research:

    Google needs little introduction. Just type the company name you’re curious about into the search box. You can also use Google Maps. Just type the company name, city, and state into the search box. You’ll get a map and, sometimes, a web site. But if you’re looking for their web site just use plain Google for best results.

    Get Financial Information

    The Edgar database holds all filings including annual reports from publicly held corporations. Using Edgar you can find out how a public company (one that is listed on the stock market) is doing financially. These reports can yield valuable information about what a company does and how they are doing financially. This site does require your patience but can yield great results. Wouldn’t it be sad if you get your dream job and the company tanks right after you get on board? And wouldn’t it sound impressive during the interview if you let them know you looked up their financials in the SEC database?

    Find Non-Profit Organizations.

    Nothing beats Guidestar. This site is an incredibly comprehensive resource for non profits throughout the U.S.

    Ask a librarian

    This may sound old fashioned but librarians specialize in finding information. In some ways they’re still better than Google.

    Things you want to find out if you’re planning any kind of career with an employer

    You can also ask these questions in the interview. Employers usually take it as a sign you’re taking them seriously,which is good.

    Find Hidden Jobs Market Through Personal Approach –

    This is a great way to find work because, as explained in How to Find Hidden Jobs, employers may be expanding or losing someone due to firing or quitting at any time.

    Here’s what you want to do

    source: http://www.independence.wa.gov/jobs/inperson.asp

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