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  • Database Migration

    Keyword: Database Migration

    Database migration is the procedure of relocating data between various formats, or computer systems.

    Data migration is typically executed programmatically to attain an automatic migration, saving human

    resources from tiresome works. It is necessary when businesses, organizations or individuals transform

    computer systems or upgrade to newer systems, or when systems combine (For example, when two

    organizations merge or one takeover the other). Similarly, database migration may also be necessary

    for the transfer of data between one database storage and another, or while upgrading the version

    of the database software being employed. The latter senario is less prone to require a physical data

    migration, except during major upgrades. Physical transdormations may be required when there is

    a risk of the underlying data format changing significantly. All modern applications written for the

    purpose are very powerful and effective, and usually only require the testing cycle to be certain about

    the security of both functional and non-functional performance.

    To be recognized as an ideal candidate for the job, one must have sufficient experience in migrating

    data on a complete life cycle. He/she must be able to uphold and own the data migration control

    documents and communicate and convince the business course owners to agree on the target data

    descriptions and Legacy mapping. The candidate’s role will include involve : procesing source system

    analysis, extraction of data, migration, refinement and reconciliation. Also seen as obligatory is the

    need to institute controls that determine the level of adherence to data administration principles and

    actions with the key purpose of ensuring continuing data quality to sustain the success of the solution.

    As critical and significant as this job is, it is also equally good paying. A well experienced and capable

    candidate if hired is looking at salaries that extend well up to six figures, and very flexible benefits.


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