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    Jobseeker or Worker

    Arm yourself with the best resources BLS has to offer before choosing a career. Explore Careers or Find a Job.

    Explore Careers

    Jobseeker or WorkerOccupational Outlook Handbook
    If you are looking to enter the job market, change jobs, or find information on occupations of interest, the Handbook can help. You can read about the nature of the work, education and training requirements, advancement opportunities, employment, salary, and ten-year job outlook for hundreds of occupations. The Handbook also lists related occupations and sources of additional information.

    Career Information For Students
    Search over 60 occupations by what interests you or your favorite subject area. Find out what an occupation’s tasks are, how you get ready for it, salary information, and job outlook.

    Career Guide to Industries
    This career guide is similar to the Handbook, but for industries. Choose an industry and read about what it does, which occupations are employed in it along with their entry-level training requirements and advancement opportunities, and the overall ten-year outlook. You can also check out the industry’s current employment, number of establishments, salaries by occupation or industry segment, and ten-year employment projections.

    Occupational Outlook Quarterly
    The articles in this quarterly magazine cover a wide range of topics relating to occupations and finding jobs—from job outlook by degree to finding an internship.

    Occupations by Education Level and Projected Growth
    The “Postsecondary training category search” will help you find which jobs require a certain level of education or training. The “Occupation search” allows you to compare over 700 occupations by employment size, projected employment growth, earnings, the most significant source of postsecondary education or training, and unemployment rate.

    Occupational Employment and Wages by Area
    Occupational employment and wages by area can help you find out where a certain occupation is prevalent and how much you might expect to get paid for that occupation in different areas. These data are available at the national, State, and metropolitan area levels.

    Benefits data can help you better compare your total compensation from one job to another. These data are available for broad occupational groups and for the nine regions of the U.S.

    Workplace Safety
    Information about injuries, illnesses, and fatalities for various occupations and areas can help you choose a career path.

    Other Career Exploration Resources
    Find even more resources and online tools from the Department of Labor to help you with your career decisions, including skill assessments, career videos, and training locations.

    Find a Job

    State Job Banks
    Search public and private vacancies by viewing individual State job banks. Just click on the map!

    As the Federal Government’s premier one-stop for launching a career in public service, local, regional, and national information is listed for all Federal careers. You may search by agency, position title, salary, location, or career field.

    View our currently advertised jobs at BLS. We hire economists, mathematical statisticians, and information technology specialists in our Washington DC national headquarters and across the country.



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