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  • How To Print Your Resume

    How To Print Your Resume

    To print your resume, click File, then click Print.

    Screenshot of Word document file menu with the Print function selected

    This will open up a new window with options to print multiple copies or only certain pages of your document. When you have confirmed the selections for Copies and Page Range, click OKat the bottom. This will send your document to the printer.

    How To Save Your Resume

    Before closing your file, you should save it. Click File, then Save As.

    Screenshot of Screenshot of Word document file menu with the Save As option selection

    This will open another window that looks like this:

    Screenshot of document Save As screen

    To save your file to your disk, you will need to make sure the right designation is displayed in theSave in box. It should display either 3½ Floppy (A:) or Removable Disk (A:). If it says anything else, it is probably not going to your disk. Note: These instructions are for saving resumes created in the Computer Lab; you can use other save options when using Word on other computers.

    Next, name your file. In the File name box, type in what you want to name your file. Otherwise the computer will name it.

    Then, make sure you are saving it as a Word document. This will be displayed in the Save as type box as Word Document (*.doc).

    Now that everything has been checked and changed as necessary, click Save. Saving a file can take from a couple seconds to a few minutes, depending on your computer.


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