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  • Resume Keyword Tips

    Tip 1: Use of italics, too much bold and underlines may confuse the scanners. This could adversely affect the detection of your resume when recruiters and hiring managers are using keywords to search for resumes.

    Tip 2: Always include the word “resume” in your resume. “Resume” is a word usually used by
    recruiters doing resume search. Place it in the top line (e.g. “T. J. Thompson’s
    Resume”), as well as in the file name (TJThompson-resume.doc., TJThompson-resume.html, or

    Tip 3: Do not use the word “résumé” although it may be the correct way to write it. The proper
    form replaces the letter “e” with a character code (“é”) to create the “é”. Many
    search softwares do not recognize this character as an “e” and therefore will not find
    your résumé.

    Tip 4: Important keywords that you select can be used at least 2-3 times. This could be both in your resume and cover letter.

    Tip 5: Mention the most important keywords as early as possible (within the first line or two). Best place to mention could be the job description section of your resume.

    Tip 6: Remember your resume should list your accomplishments and not your job duties or responsibilities. Keywords like “my job included”, “responsible for” should be avaoided. The better key words are those words that highlight concrete results: keywords such as “incresed sales by”.

    Tip 7: Don’t “choke the system” – Highly formatted resumes or resumes that are embedded with pictures, graphics and logos may not be compatible to many Application Tracking Software (ATS).


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