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    Resume Keywords

    You may be a graduate from a reputed institute, may posses all  good potential  with a strong personality but are they enough to get a job that you  are best suited for?  You simply apply for the job you see in the newspaper or through net surfing, but end up getting rejection calls, mail and most often “No Response” at all.  For applying to any job, all of us send our resume to the recruiters  which summarize our  till day achievements and future potential but most  of the time the resume fails to articulate our  ability as a deserving candidate for the job . So what is needed in  your resume to  out-compete the thousands other  candidates like us??

    Often people think,  more lengthy and detail their resume is, more likely is their chance to get short listed . But in this competitive age where companies  depend on  applicant tracking  software to scan the resume and match the right employee for the job, most of the  resume remain  buried under the pile. Most of  the recruiters match the  application and resume with certain keywords so as to short list the possible candidates that best suites in the companies requirements. So our resume most have such keywords that introduce ourselves to the need of the hiring manager.

    So what are the resume keywords then??

    Resume keywords are simply the  words, phrases that a job seeker use to find the job  and employers search to find the top matches for their requirements. . For instance most likely  MBA is a keyword when you are applying  for  a managerial post in any of the corporate house.  Similarly,  communication skill, leadership quality, team spirit and managerial skill  and previous work achievements (depending upon the requirements) are the other key words that  the recruiters seek  in your resume. Once your resume match the recruiters keywords, you get a quick attention. Thus, Packing your resume with appropriate keywords can help you  pass the first gate and grasp  your dream job.

    Key words have significant role in finding the right job. The Internet based search engines have enormous  job list  in  one common  heading  and  thus  finding the right match is very difficult. In such cases a proper key word/ phrases can land  the job seeker in the employer’s list.

    Before you apply to any job and develop  your resume, it is also very important to find the kind of job you  intend  to work. Most of the time the requirements heading  of job provider  contains so many specialized skill that people think they don’t have but sometimes your skill may be very close to what the employers is seeking. So if you became able to use the right keywords and phrases to describe your relevancy to apply,  you may find yourself in the interview desk.

    On wholesome, resume keywords are what makes our resume speak loud in the pool of pile and these key words are much significant in linking our potential and employer’s  need. To get a job we need what it takes to be the right employee,  but to get  the first attention, we need resume power or simply the word power!!!


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