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  • Resume Types and Keywords in Resume

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  • Resume TypesWhen preparing to write your resume, it is very important to select the type of resume that best suits your past work history, and presents your experience and skills in the best light.

    Review the resume types listed below to choose the resume type that will work the best for you.

    Automated Resume (Keyword, or Scannable)

    An automated, keyword, or scannable resume is formatted to read well when scanned by a computer system. The resume is scanned and entered in a database that can then be searched by keywords so that the applicant’s qualifications are matched with the employer’s needs. (Keywords describe skills that are commonly used in the career field.) Generally, it is the larger employers (with 100 or more employees) who scan resumes to retain information in databases for future use. Usually, the employers use different types of softwares just to scan the keywords in resume and select the employees according to their needs.

    For specific instructions, go to: Writing the Automated Resume

    Functional Resume

    A functional resume focuses on skills, experience, and accomplishments. A functional resume works best for the following conditions:

    • Your work history is not related to the job
    • Your related experience is not your most recent job
    • You have gaps in your work history
    • You have not worked recently
    • You are just entering the job market

    In a functional resume you are advertising your specific qualifications, not the order in which you obtained them. Functional resumes let you emphasize volunteer or civic experience, training, or education.

    The functional resume is not usually the favorite resume type among employers, as it is a little more difficult to read. The work history and career paths are not as clear. However, it is important to select the resume type that displays your special qualities to the best advantage.

    For specific instructions, go to: Writing the Functional Resume

    Chronological Resume

    A chronological resume lists your most recent job duties and employment dates first. This type of resume tends to be fact-based and may be easily skimmed. It works for those with experience and a steady job history. It is difficult for career changers and those who lack on-the-job experience.

    Employers tend to prefer a chronological resume because it is easier to read and review the work history dates and work experience. However, this resume type displays flaws more easily, such as employment gaps.

    For specific instructions, go to: Writing the Chronological Resume


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