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  • Creating Your Resume wizard

    Resume Wizards Windows

    This is the first window that the Resume Wizard will use to help you design your resume. Select one of the choices or type in your information. When you finish one window, click Next. This will move you to the next window.

    Screenshot of resume wizard start screen
    Screenshot of resume wizard finish screen

    Example – Resume Wizard

    Screenshot of resume wizard basic guideline
    This is an example of what the Resume Wizard will produce. It is still only a basic guideline and will require some input from you. Plan on spending some time on this part.

    Notice that the important items still need to be typed in and the Resume Wizard only gives you one spot for each entry.

    Typing in everything will take some time and work.

    If you are having difficulty using the Resume Wizard, try using the prepared templates. The prepared templates will give you more spots for each entry, but you still have to type all your information in.


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