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  • Social Media Jobs – Using social Media to Brand Your self and your online profile.

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    Using Popular Buzzwords in Your Resume and in your Online Profile: Take advantage of social media and get a job.

    Top used buzz words in LinkedIn Profile.



    Canada Extensive Experience
    USA Extensive Experience
    Brazil Dynamic
    India Dynamic
    Australia Extensive Experience
    UK Motivated
    Spain Dynamic
    Germany Innovative
    Italy Innovative
    France Innovative
    Dutch Innovative

    Your online profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn) are a representation of your online brand. Increasingly as companies use these resources to find more information about their hiring prospects, it is important to understand what your “online brand” exudes. LinkedIn just published top used buzz words in LinkedIn Profile. Here are the results by some countries –

    So the question is; “Is it worth it to also use the same keywords in your resume to using concrete.”

    Some considerations:

    1. How are the Application Tracking Systems (ATS) programmed to view these keywords? Are they programmed to look for these keywords because hiring managers are also typing in these keywords to search for their candidate? Do hiring managers value these keywords to be important qualities in their prospective hire?

    2. Here is another thought – pack all the terms as below. It could be a good way to be indexed for all the keyword phrases.

    Dynamic, motivated and innovative results oriented problem solver, with extensive experience and proven track record of a team player able to work and thrive in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment.

    3. Even if these keywords are used in the resume, quantified examples are preferable so that the keyword is not just an abstract term, but has some quantitative value.

    Top 10 overused buzzwords in LinkedIn Profiles in the USA – 2010 – Source LinkeIn Blog

      Extensive experience





                Proven track record

                  Team player


                      Problem solver


                        Examples of using the buzz words to give concrete information rather that abstract. The idea is to show/prove that you have these qualities and not just say them. You don’t want to come across as if you just want to promote yourself with these “buzz words”. Communicate accomplishments rather than tasks. Measurable quantifiable results are what employers like to see.

                        Start from a recorded baseline data at the beginning of your involvement. Examples of metrics to track and record are: production levels, customer satisfaction levels, customer retention rates, customer acquisition rates and sales goals accomplishments. Think #s, $s and %. But accomplishments with-out a relative measure may not provide the complete picture. Therefore it is important to compare it with other statistics like industry averages and medians.

                        Increased production from 1500 units/month to…..with-in 3 months.

                        Acquired 200 clients in 1 month (average for sales team 85).

                        Worked 12,000 hours with-out injury to oneself or to team members (work injury industry average for the time period is___ ).



                        Here are some question that employers may have that you should answer in your resume:

                        1. Did you initiate any process, strategy? Were there any suggestions that were implemented?

                        2. What was the out-come? Should be in numbers if possible.

                        3. Did you fix broken things?

                        4. Did you improve things to make it better?

                        5. Did you finish on time or ahead of time?

                        6. Why were you selected to work on the project? Did you volunteer?

                        7. What was your supervisor’s reaction to the project? What was their feedback?

                        Remember at the end of the day the idea of a resume is to convey what you bring to the table (what is your value proposition) and how the hiring company can benefit from it. A big part of tailoring your resume to the job in question is to be able to translate your strengths and accomplishments to suite the needs of the prospective employer.

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