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  • EPA – Environmental Protection Agency Jobs

    Careers in Solid and Hazardous Waste

    Are you interested in a career with EPA? Or, are you looking for a job with state or local government, a nonprofit association, a private company, or another federal agency? All of these career paths advance the study and protection of the environment. The following pages provide a glimpse into the daily activities of a variety of EPA employees and those at other environmental jobs, as well as their diverse career experiences and educational backgrounds. In addition, these summaries illustrate why environmentalists in any field of study enjoy saving the Earth.

    These career pages were created to inspire high school and college students to pursue environmental careers, specifically those relevant to the mission of EPA’s Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery. For more information, see You Can Make a Difference: Learn About Careers in Waste Management (PDF) (2 pp, 397K, about PDF).

    Careers in EPA’s Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery

    woman and man reviewing notes at a desk

    EPA’s Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (ORCR) works to assure the safe management of hazardous and nonhazardous household, industrial, and mining wastes. Our goals are to conserve resources by reducing waste, prevent future waste disposal problems, and clean up areas where waste might have spilled, leaked, or been disposed of improperly. Check out what real ORCR employees have to say about their jobs in each of the following fields:

    • Law/Policy
    • Administration
    • Science/Mathematics
    • Engineering
    • Communications/Human Resources
    • Computers
    • Economics/Finance

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    Careers In the Field

    Man out in the field with hard hat.

    Environmental protection and preservation takes place beyond EPA. It takes place in the field as well. People with a variety of backgrounds and experiences are working towards improving the quality of human health and our natural environment through the safe management of solid and hazardous waste as well as proactively promoting recycling, source reduction, and reuse. Check out what people have to say about their careers:

    • Recycled Materials Artist
    • Recovered Materials Entrepreneur
    • Professor of Solid Waste Management
    • Nonprofit Organization Recycling Manager
    • City Recycling Coordinator
    • Solid Waste Manager



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