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  • Writing a Chronological Resume

    While there is no one correct resume style, there are some general guidelines to follow to prepare a high quality resume. Plan to group information under category titles that employers will easily recognize, such as objective, work experience, and education. Follow the step by step outline below to write and lay out your resume into a chronological resume style.

    1. Provide your full name, address and telephone number with area code.
    2. Objective
      Write only one objective statement per resume. The objective should state what position you are applying for, and include a couple of reasons why you should be considered for the job. It is a good idea to write the objective to aim toward the employer’s job duties and needs.
    3. Work Experience
      • Begin with your most recent employment and continue backward to report your work history or volunteer activities.
      • List the dates of employment.
      • List the name and address of the employer.
      • List the job title.
      • Explain job duties and responsibilities in one to two sentences followed by a bulleted list.
      • Try to begin each bulleted sentence with an action word.
      • Write about your experience and skills to aim toward the job requirements.
      • Provide the most information about your most recent job. For example: write a brief description consisting of a few sentences followed by a short list of bulleted items.
      • Provide less information about your remaining employers with a briefer description and fewer bulleted items.
      • Show growth and progress with responsibilities.
      • Stress achievements and accomplishments.
      • List any volunteer work or civic activities that you are involved with that are related to the job. Include the dates of your volunteer service.
        • Built . . .
        • Installed . . .
        • Repaired . . .
        • Ordered . . .
      • Example:
        2000 to present Job Title Employer’s Name and City and State
        Explain job duties with one to two brief sentences. Then add a bulleted list that explains your responsibilities and accomplishments. Begin each sentence with an action word.

        1997 to 1999 Job Title Employer’s Name and City and State
        (As above, except briefer. See “Sample Chronological Resume” below.)

    4. Education
      Under education, start with your highest degree.
      Avoid using dates.
      Include academic honors.
      Leave out high school information if you have college education.
    5. Licenses or Certificates
      List job-related special licenses or certificates that you may have, such as special class drivers license, guard card, or certified nurse assistant certificate.
    6. Activities (Optional)
      List community activities or club memberships that you are involved with that are related to the job.
      Sample Chronological Resume

    (Remember the sample is provided only as a tool to get you started.
    Thoughtfully plan out your resume to show off your special skills.)

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