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  • Writing Scannable Resume

    Automated resumes are also called keyword or scannable resumes. Many larger employers scan resumes to store information in databases for later use. Computer searches are made to match the resume to the job by keywords commonly used in the career field. It is a good idea to telephone the personnel department of large employers ahead of time, to ask if the resumes are scanned.

    Example of a Scanable Resume:

    8563 Ravenwood Drive
    Cedar Pine, CA 92000 (441) 555-8724
    e-mail: cjohnson@xxxxxxxx.net

    OBJECTIVE: Position as a light truck or delivery driver for a company in need of a dependable employee with two years driving experience.


    • Earned an outstanding accomplishment raise at Sharp Printing.
    • Excel at maintaining good customer relationships.
    • Possess a class two chauffeur’s California driver’s license.



    • Delivered printed products to customers.
    • Planned daily customer delivery routes.
    • Transported grammar school children back and forth from daycare site to school.
    • Delivered prepared meals to seniors.
    • Excellent drivers license record.
    • Conducted daily safety inspection and maintenance of vehicles.


    • Transported children safely to school on time without any traffic accidents.
    • Collected payments when delivering products to customers.

    Customer Service

    • Maintained good relationships with route customers.
    • Followed up on customer questions or complaints.


    • Developed a responsible reputation among customers.
    • Delivered 95% of shipments on time with a low damage/return rate.
    • Worked well under stressful situations such as short deadlines or driving in heavy traffic.
    • Able to lift moderately heavy objects.

    Employment History

    2000 – Present Delivery Driver Sharp Printing, Cedar Pine, CA
    1999 – 2000 Driver School Days Day Care, Cedar Pine, CA
    1997 – 1998 Cashier Giant Sub Sandwiches, Cedar Pine, CA
    Summer 1997 Driver (Volunteer) Senior Meals “Door to Door,” Cedar Pine, CA

    Education & Training

    Arlington High School
    Community Driving School, Defensive Driving

    The first step is to decide what type of resume best fits your needs. (See “The Resume,” “Resume Types.” Then, follow the steps below to prepare either a chronological or functional resume in a scanable layout:

    • Keep the design simple; the equipment reads words, not pictures.
    • Prepare resume on white paper.
    • Do not bold, italicize, or underline any information.
    • Use a size 12 simple font (such as: Arial, Courier, or Helvetica).
    • Do not use hollow bullets.
    • Do not use symbols such as the number (#) sign.
    • Leave white spaces between sections of the resume so the computer can read it easily.
    • Print only on one side of the paper.
    • Use common language.
    • Use KEYWORDS and phrases that are commonly used in your career field to describe your skills and experience.
    • Do not fold the resume. Mail the resume in a large envelope with extra postage.

    E-mail Resumes

    Also, remember to use the scannable resume style when sending your resume via e-mail. The guidelines for e-mail resumes are similar to scannable resumes. The only difference is that bullets should not be used when preparing an e-mail resume. The simplified style makes it easier for computers to scan your resume.



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